Mooreland Fun-Fly 2013

Several Spads Club members took a drive west to Mooreland for their Fun Fly 2013.  I was hot as it usually is Oklahoma in August.  We were welcomed by Darwin Loomis, the fly site is on his farm, a beautiful flying field.  They do an event called Okie Bowling.  They put gallon jags on number marked on the plywood, the center being the highest points.  Then they tie a line, about 20', to the tail of your plane and a nerf ball on the end.   You have a team of two, one flys and one is the spotter, you get 3 passes to knock down as many jugs you can.  The spotter then get is turn to fly, as you can see your team member must be a good pilot cause the airplane is coming at the spotter.  Great fun! Of course, we had no  practice and we were out scored.  Next Year we will be ready.     We all a great time, the food was good and we made many friends.  Going to fly at these events is more fun than you may think.  Here are some pictures, wish I had more. 













Thank Darwin for "Another Fine Day At The Flyin' Field "